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Travel Addicts/Interview One: Ivana Kranitz

This is the first of three travel interviews conducted by the students of 2a. If you want to read about interesting people who literally travelled the world, click here to find out more. :)


Hello everyone!

For a while now, 2a and I, their English teacher, have tried to take what we learn in class outside and use it in the "real world". There's a blog named after their classroom Attic 13 (sounds scary, but they're a happy bunch), where you can find useful links, students' work and some interesting new words. 

Apart from that, there's this: a long overdue short series of email interviews. There's a lesson in our textbooks on travel addicts, so we decided to email some of Croatia's own travel enthusiasts and ask them about their travels and discoveries. They were more than willing to share. Here is part one of the results - hopefully you'll enjoy it!



Ivana Kranitz- travel addict

by Sara Malešić, Samanta Malešić and Marina Hibler, photos courtesy of Ivana Kranitz


Ivana is from Zagreb and she is studying philosophy and religious sciences. She gained her work experience as a volunteer in St. Anthony's orphanage, founded by a Croatian organization called "Kolajna ljubavi" in Songea, Tanzania. She is the head of Croatian Travel Club's Zagreb Branch. She speaks English and Swahili. Her hobby is photography and some of her photos were sold to raise money in Croatian Travel Club's campaign "Involve me and I'll understand“.


We are a group of students from ŽTŠ Moravice. Our english teacher is Dora Božanić. Now we learn about travel addicts and we need to ask you about your travelling.

How many countries have you visited?

I have visited 29 countries!

What was your longest trip?
My longest trip lasted 3,5 months.

What can you tell us about the cost of your trips?
The costs depend on where you travel. But I always try to travel low budget, like most of backpackers :)

Do you miss your family while you are on trips?
You have too many things to do and see on your trip, so you don't have the time to think about missing your family!

What was the best thing that happened on your travels?
The best things are always the people you meet on your way, and the impression they make on you, and how they teach you to respect differences and learn about other cultures

What was the worst thing that happened on your travels?
I feel my self very lucky that not even one bad thing happened to me on my travels. Maybe just the annoying fact that in China almost no one speaks English, so it is a bit hard to travel around.

Which is the most interesting food you have eaten in other countries?
In Australia I ate kangaroo meat! And in Thailand I eat scorpios, grasshoppers and worms!

What is the craziest means of transport you used?
The craziest mean of transport would have to be the back of an elephant, travelling through jungles of Nepal.

Did you ever meet someone famous?
I didn't meet anyone famous!

Where will you go next?
In the beginning of February I am going back to Africa, Tanzania and this time a plan to stay for 9 months!

Thank you very much!

You're welcome!

As this is being published, Ivana is in Tanzania so we wish her the best of luck during her stay and a safe return.

If you want to know more about how to travel the world go to Croatia Travel ClubFacebook page.

Stay tuned for part 2. :)


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objavio: Dora Božanić   datum: 28. 3. 2013.


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