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Travel Addicts/Interview Three: Siniša Glogoški

This is the third and final travel interview conducted by the students of 2a. If you want to know more about hiking over a frozen lake in Russia or riding a bike form Zagreb to Damask, Syria  click here to read an interview with a truly impressive world traveller. :)


Siniša Glogoški, a photographer and a traveller

by Suzana Pošmuga and Besam Sokoli, photos and video (do not miss it!!) by Siniša Glogoški


Siniša Glogoški was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He finished his primary and high school little bit in Bosnia and a little bit in Croatia. Currently he is a student at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb working on his final project. He loves to travel and he usually tapes all of his trips. He has just returned from Bangladesh and has been writing about it for


Dear Mr Siniša,

Last week we were learning about travel addicts. We are interested in travelling and we would like to ask you some questions about your trips.
Dear students of ŽTŠ Moravice,

I am happy that you are interested in travelling and I would love to answer your questions. So, let's begin.


 What is the one place you would never go to, and why?

For a long time I thought that I will never wish to visit a war stricken place because I have had enough of war and I don't really like it. I was determined never to visit such a place. Recently my thoughts changed and now there is absolutely no place I would never go because war just like any other aspect of life is also a part of this world.


What has been your greatest discovery while traveling?

My first greatest discovery was: "It's possible!". I realized that I can fulfill my dreams and wishes if I plan correctly, organize myself, and work long and hard to prepare everything. After that, everything else becomes easy.


When you are traveling, do you try to speak the local language?

I most definitely do. Usually I find a simple translation guide and learn the basics from there, but I found that language audio courses are really good to. I have been listening to a Russian audio language course for one month before I went there. I thought that I hadn't learned anything else besides asking for directions, saying "Thank you" and finding out where the best Borsch(something like red beet soup with meat) is. When I got there, I realized that the audio course has paid off and that people would be surprised when I told them I'm a foreigner.


 While traveling do you miss your home, family and friends? If yes how do you handle it?

 In the first couple of weeks on the road I don't really miss anyone that much. I am usually preoccupied with getting around the new places and meeting new people. When I finally settle down or feel fully comfortable at the place I am, then I become a bit homesick. If there is a functional telephone nearby, or an internet connection, I contact everyone back home and instantly feel better.


What do you usually do while you are traveling?

 Almost always I have some sort of a project I'm working on. Sometimes it's just exploring new places or just documenting my own experiences in different situations, but more often it's photographing and filming different stories of the people I meet along the way. That is also what motivates me for the next journey, the next exploration.


If you can pick some place to be at right now, what place would it be?

I often think of visiting Siberia again and my friend Rustam and his beautiful family. I wish to return there one day and stay a bit more. But now after I've just written it, I realize that I would also like to be with my friends in Turkey and Syria, and some of them in Guyana, well I would also often like to be in my hometown Travnik, and I would also like to visit a vast number of places I have never been to. This question is always the hardest for me.


 Did you ever miss something big in your every day life because you were on some trip, and how do you feel about it?

 Not really because when I'm travelling, that becomes my everyday life, and all the things that are happening in different places, well, they would not significantly change if I was there, so I don't really have any regrets if that's what you were aiming at.


 Do you seek for adventure on your trips?

 Sometimes I seek adventure a bit too much, and I have learned to be more cautious. A bit of adventure is really good for you. The first thing that fascinated me is when I experienced that I can do more, even if I think that I'm physically and emotionally at a breaking point, there is always a bit more in everyone.


 Have you ever been in some danger while you were traveling?

 Just a couple of times, but more than enough. I will never forget the stupid thing I did while crossing the frozen Baikal lake. I hiked cross the frozen lake, around 50 km distance, starting early afternoon and with one small bottle of water. I encountered numerous snowstorms with temperatures around -30 and extremely strong wind. The whiteout and dehydration caused hallucinations to appear and I saw an elderly woman fishing nearby, then a dog suddenly bit my foot. I fell down on the ice and realized all of it wasn't real and that I had to continue walking. The night caught up and there were no lights around. My compass was the only thing assuring me I'm going in the right direction. At one point I gave up, laid down on the ice and snow and watched the stars. I couldn't walk any more across the dangerous terrain and decided to sleep on the ice. It was a bad idea and I'm happy I didn't stick with it. I continued walking and after five more hours reached the other side in the dead of the night. All I lost were two toenails, but gained a lot of experience about my limitations. That's what I mean't when I said that a bit of adventure is good, but too much of it, without listening to your instincts, can get you in a lot of trouble.


 Hasall that travelling affected your personal life? In what way?

 Of course it did. When I now look back on myself three years ago, I was dreaming to be more or less what I am today. Now I enjoy planning new projects and explorations with knowing it's really possible. I have also met so many interesting people that I am often honored to have known such bright and inspiring individuals. I always wish to be better and do better. That's what keeps me going.


I hope the answers aren't complicated too much.

I wish you all the best,

Sincerely, Siniša Glogoški



To know more about Siniša and his travels visit: and his Facebook page. 

I leave you with one of his videos, may it inspire you to do wonderful things.

Bye for now,

Teacher Dora



Biciklom od Zagreba do Damaska from Siniša Glogoški on Vimeo.


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